Our Classis

  • MMA

    Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA for short, is the combined art of various martial arts disciplines. It draws on elements from BJJ, Karate, Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling and a host of other combat sports.

  • Muay Thai

    Our program teaches the basic fundamentals of Muay Thai. This includes stance, footwork, basic punches, kicks, knees and elbows and the defences to these techniques.

  • Boxing

    We'll teach you not only to throw punches, but will also teache you footwork, how to cut off angles, use of hand eye co ordination as well as how to think defensively using your hands, arms, shoulders and other body parts.

  • BJJ

    We offer a range of Jiu Jitsu and BJJ Training because these disciplines are a large contributor in being a successful Mixed Martial Artist

  • Kick Boxing

    Many styles and rulesets of kickboxing exist. Here at the Bad Boy gym, we teach the K-1 style of kickboxing, an art derived from Thai boxing and the Dutch style of Thai boxing.

  • Kids Kickboxing

    Our trainers work great with kids, teaching them from basic to advance kickboxing techniques, all while keeping them in shape.

  • Kids Wrestling

    Specially designed kids programs teach kids how to throwing, clinch work and other key wrestling elements.

  • Boot Camp

    Lose weight fast through our intense Boot Camp classes.

  • Cross Training

    Our Cross Training program combines exercises to work various parts of the body. Often one particular activity works certain muscle groups, but not others; cross-training aims to eliminate this.